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Air Scense

  • Airscense Shopify Website
Joomla, Shopify, Website Maintenance
E-Commerce, Joomla, Responsive Websites, Shopify, Website Maintenance, Website Redesign

AirScense/CitraSolv hired Brandesigns to convert their AirScense Joomla website into a Shopify Account.

The AirScense/CitraSolv Company is located in New Jersey and is a very successful, privately held company that produces environmentally safe household cleaners, air fresheners and toilet sprays.

This client had a Shopify account in place with temporary web pages.  Brandesigns added content to the pages, taken from their Joomla CMS, customizing their new site to replicate their Joomla Site, adding functionality, search engine optimization, internal navigation and product layouts.

The prior structure of the site was divided between the two applications which prohibited quality traction for Search Engine indexing.  Brandesigns will continue to work with this client to refine the layout and extend the shop to their varying products.