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Joomla End of Life - August, 2023

Don’t Get Bricked

Joomla 4 officially arrives on August 17, 2023 and support for Joomla 3.x will end at this time.  This new 4.x version of the Joomla platform will come with major changes that will affect your Theme and Plugins that were used to develop your website.

Please do not upgrade your website to the Joomla version 4 at this time, or your website will likely “break”.

The first release of any software platform always has more bugs than an average release.  Brandesigns has been working “behind the scenes” and has upgraded your website to Joomla version 3.10.x which will be supported into the near future.

Your site has been bricked

If you see an error like this, your mini-migration might not have gone well.

Paying attention to what you’re doing is critical, as I found out for myself when testing a website for upgrading from Joomla 3.10.x to 4.x a while back.

I rushed the update process and was swiftly checking boxes and clicking buttons, assuming the information on the screen was about to do what I thought it was doing.

Several extensions on this Joomla website were flagged by the Pre-Update Check as not being Joomla 4 ready and likely to cause problems. The template that I had on the Joomla 3.10 site was also not yet compatible with Joomla 4. Combined together, that led to the site breaking.

What does getting ``Bricked`` mean?

“Bricked” essentially means the website has turned into a brick. In the case of an enterprise website, that might mean hundreds or thousands of dollars had been invested in the development of the site, but it’s now as useful as a brick (or perhaps a paperweight). A bricked site is unusable, and most likely will need to be restored from a backup, which I'm hopeful you have. This article can be used as a warning for those of you who use the Joomla CMS platform and see an upgrade in the near future.

These are the upgrades that will need to be configured on your current 3.10.x website site ensure it is compatible with the new Joomla 4:

  • Theme
  • Widget Kit (Slide show options)
  • MiwiSoft (e-commerce)
  • JCE Editor
  • Zoo (Document Library)

This list might not be complete, so you must consider all third-party extensions in use on your website. This includes components, modules, plugins, languages, and templates.

Planning for Mini-Migration – Joomla 3.10.x to 4.x

Brandesigns is here to help you in this migration.  This also might be an opportune time to contemplate switching to WordPress.  Whichever route you take, you must take the time to plan, plan, plan. Planning makes execution easier.

These are the considerations that can help you assess where you are now and where you want to go.

Migrations are a great time to reassess goals, clean up, and develop other areas/elements of your site. The more organized you can be with your ideas, thoughts and plans, the better.

Start planning by assessing these key factors listed. You may have more items to plan for, depending on the complexity of your site. Sadly, there is no way we can list every possible scenario.

Assess your original site goals. Migration is an opportunity to get back into focus with your goals or change direction.

If you redesign or make changes to your site design or navigation, will you have obsolete pages that will require a redirect? If so, document them. A spreadsheet is helpful for documenting links that will need to change.

We will be forced to charge you for the plugin license(s) as well as the time to convert your current site.

Key -Takeaway: If you have been considering switching to a new platform or website, now will be the time to do so.

You will want to contact us soon to schedule a time-sensitive upgrade to your website!

Brandesigns also recommends that you use premium website templates if you are not building your site from scratch.  A robust selection of templates can be found at   Don’t scrimp on the details!  You want your website to reflect your professionalism, be easy to manage and to give your customer a world-class experience.

Contact us today to get assistance with your Content Management System websites and updates. We’ll be glad to help!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is our own interpretations and opinions. We have tried to simplify the main points of this issue to create a guide for you in navigating all of the security issues and options available for your website and on the Internet itself.

One small request…

If you found this information helpful, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media platform.

It will make my day! ~ Thank you.

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