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Don't Be Held Hostage by that Free Service

Don’t Be Held Hostage!

Is that Domain name really yours?

In my years of consulting clients I have witnessed horror stories of clients building a beautiful website only to find out that they really don’t own the domain name they have branded and may be limited to choose where they host that website.  What?!  How can that happen?

Consider this…  you have a great idea, service or product that you want to market on the world wide web.  You navigate to Wix, Squarespace, Amazon hosting,  Google Hosting or a number of other mega sites that tout “Free Web Domains”, “Free Website Hosting”, “Get Your Website in Hours”…  you get the drift.  But buyer beware!  Free is never really free.

The companies that market these “Free” items are FOR PROFIT companies.  Be cautious and thorough when considering the offerings.  Once you get signed up for a low-cost or “free-website”, the hidden costs begin.  All the extra add-on’s that make your site function like a pro can be priced separately with the piece-meal costs really adding up.  In addition, that “Free Domain” very well might be registered to that FOR PROFIT company and they actually own it, not you!  Sure, you can get them to transfer ownership to you – usually for a fee.  Another tidbit of information:  ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rules state that you cannot transfer a domain name to a different registrar within 60 days of making changes to the registrant name, organization or email address.  That’s a built-in additional 60-days where they can milk you for all of those extra costs to optimize and maintain your website.  This can become a nightmare for any small business owner.

Okay.  So you go through the steps of transferring the domain ownership to you and your organization.  Then, after 60 days, you decide you want to transfer your domain to a Hosting company that is more flexible, has better customer service and security.  But wait!  You find that the awesome graphics and videos that define your website belong to that “Free”, FOR PROFIT  company.  With most of these “Free Websites” you are effectively leasing the right to use them and many of their features.  If you transfer to another Host, you can loose half of all of your hard branding work, contact information, store options, etc.  Oh, please; say it isn’t so!!

Let Brandesigns Web Solutions help you.  We will walk you through the daunting process of taking control of your domain and website and release the chains of this hostage situation.

First, we partner with a premier Hosting company.  Throughout our 20+ years of service, we’ve experienced a multitude of Hosting company partnerships.  In our opinion, none of them compare with Springs Hosting.  In addition to having a local Colorado presence, we’ve found their customer service to be beyond reproach and the value-added services are second to none.  The offer several levels of Hosting plans to select from, offer free SSL Certificates, one-click Application Installers, fully customization website back-up services with security and customer service being their #1 priority.  I’m confident you will not be disappointed with this organization.  I’ve been to their facility and have met their tech support staff and the owner.  Try doing that with your “Free-Website”, “Free-Hosting”, “Free-Domain” companies!

Second, if you have a growing business and are in it for the long run, we suggest you invest in a professionally designed website that can expand as your business grows. Brandesigns has the experience and knowledge to help businesses create a professional online presence.

If you are interested in creating a new website, need help in breaking your hostage chains or are looking to update your current website to today’s standards – allowing your site to be viewable on devices from mobile to desktop – contact Brandesigns for a customized proposal. You will always receive personal and professional service when working with us!

Let us know how we can help you with your online journey!

Springs Hosting

Disclaimer: The advice provided here are our own interpretations and opinions. We have tried to simplify the main points of this issue to create a guide for you in navigating all of the security issues and options available for your website and on the Internet itself.

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