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A Year In Belize

The owner of Brandesigns Web Solutions, Tracey Devlin, created this website to chronicle her traves to Belize Central America.  The website was developed using the Joomla Content Management System.

Aztec Plumbing and Heating

Brandesigns developed this website for the client to give them a basic web presence.  The development for this Colorado Plumbing company was created using a Joomla Content Management System.  We also developed a custom web logo and coordinated their local listing network with the new website.

Bill's Equipment & Supply, Inc.

Brandesigns was hired by Bill’s Equipment & Supply, Inc. located in Colorado Springs to convert their Joomla CMS into a WordPress CMS. Having an inventory system of nearly 300 products, a commerce functionality was put into place to manage their rental reservations. Major customizations were made to their new website to reflect the different sales and rental divisions within their 3 locations and to address their needs for a “non-traditional” layout. Customized rental request forms for specific products were also designed and put into place. The website was receiving traffic and rental requests within 8 hours of the website launch. Brandesigns also developed a training manual in addition to in-person training so that their marketing person could maintain the many elements of the new WordPress website design.

Caye Coffee Roasting Company LLC

Caye Coffee Roasting Company, LLC is located in Belize, Central America.  Brandesigns developed this Joomla content management system with an intricate ordering and shipping process.  They service customers from all over the world with their fresh roasted coffee's.

Cody Legacy Inn

Cody Legacy Inn, LLC commissioned Brandesigns Web Solutions to develop a custom HTML website for the opening of their new lodging inn located in Cody, Wyoming.  Brandesigns also developed their logo, assisted in print media, linking to online booking system and developed a custom mobile website for the client.

Colorado Top Agents

Brandesigns was hired by Colorado Top Agents LLC to create a website that would allow consumers & agents to find the top Real Estate Agents in Colorado and match them with real estate properties anywhere in the world.

We used the Wordpress Content Management system and highlighted areas of Colorado representative of the agents who service those areas.  Conditional logic was used to ensure the consumer would be in contact with the Real Estate Agent that handles real estate in the area(s) they are interested in.

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Brandesigns Web Design Services

Web design is our passion.

We've been in business since 1997 and have seen a huge transition in design principals over the years. Informational, brochure type websites built with tables were the norm back in the late 90′s. Clunky and heavyweight websites!

As the web evolved, we've seen the introduction of W3C web standards, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), content management systems such as Joomla!, Druple and WordPress and now the ability for everyone to have a web presence with the introduction of FaceBook and Twitter. Each of the aforementioned web platforms had humble beginnings but have advanced into rich, user-friendly applications. (For the most part, anyway).

Brandesigns Web Solutions Design Projects


Our expertise in web design can assist you in building a content rich, easily manageable web presence. Responsive Websites with built in content management systems and Mobile Websites are some of our favorite platforms to work with. If you need help tweaking your current application or would like us to develop a new website for you, let us know.

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Danford Realty

Danford Realty hired Brandesigns to create a new website for them that would be easy to maintain their listings.  We used Wordpress for this to ensure their new website was mobile friendly and responsive.  Incorporated into the development was a feature rich add-on for displaying their current inventory of properties.

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Do You Have A Mobile Website?

Embrace the Mobile Market

With the advance of technology, the growth of the smart phone and introduction of the mobile tablet, there has been an unbelievable explosion in growth of mobile device sales and usage. Currently, we are on pace to more than double the number of global smartphone users from 2010-2013. These statistics also do not take into account the ever-growing tablet market which by 2013 is expected to make up nearly 21% of the mobile market. It's time to embrace the mobile market and see it as an opportunity for business growth.

Double Dollar Livestock

Brandesigns was hired by Double Dollar Livestock in Holden, Utah to create a new website for them using the Wordpress Content Management System.  Their old site was develooped using an ASP Interface and they found it cumbersome to maintain.  The new design incorporates the look and feel of their sister-site, Life Skills Recovery Ranch.

Edward Baird Silversmith

Edward Baird, Silversmith, was in need of a content managment system with a robust ordering system.  Brandesigns developed his initial website in HTML-CSS and redesigned the site in a Joomla Content Managment System.  Custom logo design and optimum product photos were crucial to the success of this online business.

Esthetic Family Dentistry

Brandesigns redesigned the website for Esthetic Family Dentistry so they could more easily manage the content and SEO features.  We developed the site using the Wordpress CMS and added features for displaying client testimonials and biographies.  The new site has a more intuitive interface that allows for easy user navigation. 

Goodman Realty Company

Goodman Realty Company commissed Brandesigns web solutions to develop and redesign several web design projects over the years.  They needed a robust and custom CMS to display their real estate listings including bookings, open houses, sorting by category and much more.

Grand Slam Outifitters

Brandesigns Web Solutions created a new HTML website for Grand Slam Outfitters, located in Saratoga, Wyoming in 2003. In July of 2018, we updated the website and created a WordPress Content Management system that will make the site mobile friendly and incorporate a robust photo gallery as well as give the client the ability to update information easily and efficiently. The site is extremely user friendly, giving their clients quick access to information they need.

Green Creek Inn & RV Park

Green Creek Inn worked with Brandesigns to develop a new website using the Joomla Conteent Management System.  Important features are the responsive, mobile-friendly view for travellers to their area.  We've also incorporated linkage throughout the site to make online reserverations from the website.

Homefest Decor'

Homefest Decor' is a Wordpress Content Management system developed by Tracey Devlin, owner of Brandesigns Web Solutions, while working with a local IT Firm. The company was in need of a new website that could be easily updated by the site owners. Special features to the CMS includes the ability to import and export product information and images to keep pace with their ever-changing stock. This was an in-depth integration showcasing many unique gifts available in-store and online.

Jim Zumbo

Jim Zumbo has worked with Brandesigns for a number of years.  Their first website was developed using strict HTML.  Since then, we redesigned the site using the Joomla Content Management System.  There is a built-in web store for order processing and a custom Blog Feature for posting Blog articles and Facebook posts.

John Barto Photography

Brandesigns create a new website for this photographer so he could display is portfolio online.  We used the Joomla Content Management system for quickly organizing all the different types of photography this artist creates.

Kendra and Shane

Brandesigns created a WordPress Content Manaement System website for Kendra and Shane where they could receive RSVP's to their wedding as well as suggestions for a Honeymoon destination and contributions to their honeymoon fund.  The website houses information about the couple, the wedding party, wedding venue information, accomodations and shuttle information.

Life Flower Dispensary

Tracey Devlin, owner and creative director of Brandesigns Web Solutions redesigned the website for Life Flower Dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado.  This site was in need of state compliance issues while presenting product in an esthetically appealing manner.  Components used to create the new site included social media links, product links and descritpions, news, blogs and on-going specials offered by the shop.   Training for the staff of the dispensary was also a part of the process so the company could update their website on a regular basis.