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A Year In Belize

The owner of Brandesigns Web Solutions, Tracey Devlin, created this website to chronicle her traves to Belize Central America.  The website was developed using the Joomla Content Management System.

Aztec Plumbing and Heating

Brandesigns developed this website for the client to give them a basic web presence.  The development for this Colorado Plumbing company was created using a Joomla Content Management System.  We also developed a custom web logo and coordinated their local listing network with the new website.

Caye Coffee Roasting Company LLC

Caye Coffee Roasting Company, LLC is located in Belize, Central America.  Brandesigns developed this Joomla content management system with an intricate ordering and shipping process.  They service customers from all over the world with their fresh roasted coffee's.

Critical Joomla Updates

Critical Joomla Updates

Make Sure Your Website is Up To Date

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies can be difficult. The world of web development is a dynamic creature that literally changes on a weekly basis. In this industry it is especially important to be on top of the changes so you can have the latest, most functional, and secure website possible.

Edward Baird Silversmith

Edward Baird, Silversmith, was in need of a content managment system with a robust ordering system.  Brandesigns developed his initial website in HTML-CSS and redesigned the site in a Joomla Content Managment System.  Custom logo design and optimum product photos were crucial to the success of this online business.

Goodman Realty Company

Goodman Realty Company commissed Brandesigns web solutions to develop and redesign several web design projects over the years.  They needed a robust and custom CMS to display their real estate listings including bookings, open houses, sorting by category and much more.

Green Creek Inn & RV Park

Green Creek Inn worked with Brandesigns to develop a new website using the Joomla Conteent Management System.  Important features are the responsive, mobile-friendly view for travellers to their area.  We've also incorporated linkage throughout the site to make online reserverations from the website.

Jim Hagstrom Art

Jim Hagstrom has used Brandesigns on serveral occasions to develop his website and make changes to the original design as his business has grown.  We developed his current website using the Joomla Content Management System.  This artist maintains his own site and offers his artwork portfolio online to customers throughout the Country.

Jim Zumbo

Jim Zumbo has worked with Brandesigns for a number of years.  Their first website was developed using strict HTML.  Since then, we redesigned the site using the Joomla Content Management System.  There is a built-in web store for order processing and a custom Blog Feature for posting Blog articles and Facebook posts.

John Barto Photography

Brandesigns create a new website for this photographer so he could display is portfolio online.  We used the Joomla Content Management system for quickly organizing all the different types of photography this artist creates.

Paint Rock Angus

Brandesigns Web Solutions has worked with this client for several years.  We developed this most recent website using the Joomla Content Managment System.  They need continual updates to the site highlighting their sales and herd sires.  Users can easily find the information they are looking for and the client provides a mirage of images from their ranch for visual display on their website.

Pizza Palace Wellington

Pizza Palace Wellington hired Brandesigns Web Solutions to create a new website for advertising their business, menu and online ordering system.  We developed this custom site using the Joomla Content Management system. 

Redbank Angus Ranch

Redbank Angus Ranch was in need of a new website to showcase their ranch, sales and sires.  They hired Brandesigns Web Solutions to create a Joomla Content Management System to highlight their ranch and add a more robust Internet presence other than their Facebook account.

Riverside Cemetery District

Brandesigns has worked with Riverside Cemetery District for years and has developed several websites to ensure they had all the features available to them for responsive web design and new standards. This custom Joomla CMS offers pictures of their cemeteries within their districts, linkage to maps, a catalog of District Policies among many other features.

Tile Setters of Texas

Brandesigns developed a new website for Texas Tile Setters using the Joomla Content Management system.  This client needed a site that was easy for users to navigate and to also provide a place for clients and customers to preview their work and portfolio.

Tree Top Yoga Therapy

Brandesigns has created several websites for Treetop Yoga Therapy throughout the years as her business has changed and grown.  We use the Joomla Content Management System that allows for easy updating.  The users of the website find information quickly and easily and the site easily identifies who Ena is and what her website is about.  We also created the logo and custom icons for the website.

Wray Plumbing and Heating

Brandesigns Web Solutions created this custom Joomla Content Management System for Wray Plumbing and Heating so they could have a web presence and have the ability to easily update their ever changing portfolio of construction projects.