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Way to go, Tracey!  Thank you.  After one of our first calls, reviewing the “rough cut” design (which was actually rather smooth) I was thinking about how you would rank near the top of all the talented programmers I have worked with at my own software company through the years.  (And there were a lot of them!)

It is a rare gift to have both the top notch technical skills that you possess as well as the inter-personal and communications skills that make you such a pleasure to work with.  

You literally brought our vision to life (from a very sketchy beginning, I might add) with great efficiency, meeting all deadlines (another rare quality) with nearly flawless execution.  All of this was accomplished against a very short project timeframe with a very tight budget.  The budget was perhaps the only area where you did NOT exceed our expectations, which was a good thing.  Training and follow-up support was just as painless.  Bravo!  Job well done.