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Do You Use Google's Chrome Browser?

Recently Google annouced its plan to mark all HTTP websites as non-secure in the Chrome browser.  Set to start in October, 2017, Chrome will mark HTTP Sites as non-secure. Do you collect user information by using a web form?  Do you use Wordpress plugins? What does this mean for you and your website?  Please read on..

The web mammoth unobtrusively declared this arrangement in 2014, when one of the individuals from the Chrome Security Team conveyed a proposition to stamp all HTTP sites as "non-secure." The objective of this proposition is to plainly show the website user that HTTP gives no information security.

Google wants everything on the web to go over a safe channel. That is the reason your Chrome program will hail decoded sites as shaky, showing a red "x" over a latch in the URL bar.

form and incognito http bad verbose per Google: this forthcoming change in Chrome, Google wants to make clear that the web without bounds should all be scrambled (HTTPS), and all destinations ought to be served over HTTPS, which is basically a safe layer over the typical HTTP web convention.

Hosting with Brandesigns partner, Springs Hosting, will allow you more seamlessly adhere to this new protocol:

Check Your Administrative Website settings

  1. If you are on one of our Springs Hosting cPanel hosting plans, you won't need to purchase a SSL certificate because they are generated for free.  This can be verified by adding the https:// prefix instead of just http:// to your website URL. Your website should display just fine in the Secure protocol environment.

  2. If you are not transmitting any website forms or personal data, you need not worry.  Your website IS safe for your website users.

  3. Every site will be different.  There are settings you can make in both Wordpress and Joomla that will eliminate the ugly red "x" that Chrome will be placing on your URL.

  4. You will also want to make sure the content isn't referencing images with http and update anything that is. Same with any CSS, or JS files in the theme.

  5. There is a very good chance that you will be receiving solicitations from various organizations telling you that your website is insecure and that your need to update it or purchase a SSL Certificate. This is a scare tactic and there's nothing you should have to worry about. If you do collect credit card information, you should already have a SSL Certifcate installed and a third party processor.

Brandesigns can assist you with any of these type of updates needed should your website users use the Chrome Browser.  If you receive solicitation notices to purchase a SSL certificate, check with us first.   Please contact us for more information if you need assistance with your website settings or if you have any questions about the proposed changes Google will be making to their Chrome Browser.