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Grab a coffee, get comfortable and relax by reading our digital diary. We will share thoughts, ideas and interesting information with you throughout our blog.

Brandesigns Web Solutions Blog
  • It is estimated that Internet users will spend more time watching video during 2020 than ever before. This is leading to more advertisers investing in online video ads to drive action. This means you will need to create video to remain relevant.

  • In my years of consulting clients I have witnessed horror stories of clients building a beautiful website only to find out that they really don't own the domain name they have branded and may be limited to choose where they host that website.  What?!

  • We've all been there.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and you have an idea of an image you want to use to tell your story.  So, you do a web search for images and a barrage of ideas are returned. There is a better solution...

  • Ransomware can be devastating to an individual or an organization.  Anyone with important data stored on their computer or network is at risk.

  • I am all for a more secure Internet. When we browse the web, several third-parties are able to snoop on the connection between the user and the website, including the user’s ISP, law enforcement, the website’s ISP, and other people in between.

  • On June 11, 2018, Google launched their new updated Maps platform which now has a pay-as-you-go billing structure. So what does this mean if you currently use Google maps on your own website?