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Are You Camera Shy?
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Are You Camera Shy? Brandesigns Video Marketing

Are You Camera Shy?

2020 Video Marketing

The way in which people consume media has made video more important than ever.  Today’s consumer demands quick visual representation of content.

It is estimated that Internet users will spend more time watching video during 2020 than ever before.  This is leading to more advertisers investing in online video ads to drive action.  This means that as a content provider – whether through your website, Instagram, Facebook or other social media – you will no doubt need to create video to remain relevant.

Keep in mind that your videos should be personalized in order to ensure engagement from your target market.  As with any online media, your content should be useful to your audience, offering a service or product that they find of value.  As you plan your production, consider a timeline (and stick to it!).  The timeline of videos is important for both your customer and your development team.  Set your goals with clear “call to actions”, making your videos memorable.  Each video you offer to your customers and future customers will differ and with practice you can pick the style that’s right for you.

Brandesigns will be unveiling a video and podcast website that will be hosted on several different channels.  We have very interesting articles and guests in the works and hope you will check back often to see how our development is coming!

To set up our studio, we’ve invested in a portrait and video shooting photography kit that we’ve used for some of our client product shoots.  This kit is absolutely awesome and screams professionalism!  We’ve also invested in a professional microphonemicrophone swivel stand and are excited about the HD Vlogging camera with remote control for optimal video creation.  We’re currently working on setting up the studio with acoustic wall tiles for soundproofing.   It’s been an exciting process!

Contact us today to learn more about Video Production and Marketing or to learn when our new website and studio are in full production.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is our own interpretations and opinions. We have tried to simplify the main points of this issue to create a guide for you in navigating all of the security issues and options available for your website and on the Internet itself.

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